Kitkat SMS Loot - Send SMS And Win Free Honda Activa

01 April, 2023 by Paisapati

KitKat, the popular chocolate wafer bar, has come up with an exciting offer called KitKat Activa. This offer provides customers with a chance to win a brand new Honda Activa scooter. The offer has generated a lot of buzz among chocolate and scooter lovers, and for a good reason. In this blog, we'll discuss the details of the KitKat Activa offer and what you need to do to participate.

To participate in the KitKat Activa offer, you need to purchase a promotional pack of KitKat chocolate. These packs come in different sizes and varieties, such as 4-finger, 2-finger, Chunky, and Mini. You can find the offer details and the code inside the wrapper of the promotional pack. The offer is valid on packs of KitKat chocolate with a yellow-colored banner that says "KitKat Activa offer."

If you don't want to purchase the kitkat pack then we have added LOT Number for you. Just send that LOT number through SMS and participate in this offer.

Follow these steps to participate in the offer:

  1. Open the wrapper of the KitKat chocolate and find the LOT code inside.
  2. Send LOT number between 9AM to 9PM at prescribed format
  3. You instantly receive your entry registration sms
  4. Done! Now, You will be eligible for the lucky draw to win a Honda Activa scooter.
  5. If you are lucky you will receive one more sms for claiming your reward.


Send Sms To 7036186000

Kitkat Share a Break Offer LOT Code is- 30350454A1

Send sms like – KITKAT 30350454A1 to 7036186000

The offer is valid from 10th March 2023 to 24th April 2023. The lucky draw winners will be announced on the KitKat website and notified via SMS and email.

KitKat Activa offer is a fantastic opportunity for chocolate lovers to win a brand new Honda Activa scooter. The Honda Activa is a popular scooter known for its reliability, performance, and fuel efficiency. It is an ideal vehicle for commuting to work or going on weekend rides.

In conclusion, the KitKat Activa offer is a win-win for chocolate and scooter enthusiasts. So, grab your promotional pack of KitKat chocolate and participate in the offer for a chance to win a brand new Honda Activa scooter.

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